If you have any damage even if you have insurance also you are able to register with FEMA. Some insurance may not cover all damage and you might be able to get assistance from FEMA.
Please pass this on so everyone is aware of this.

From the office of the Gonzales County Emergency Management

Currently, a team from FEMA is in the county looking at damaged properties submitted to us. If you have not submitted a damage information report, please do so as soon as possible to”” or wait until next week and come see them at Gonzales County Emergency Management. They will be here Monday-Wednesday from 8:00am-7:00pm each day. The office is located at 1811 Water St. In Gonzales

Information from the Gonzales County Emergency Management

If you live in Gonzales County, please email this address and provide some needed information:

We will need your name, address where damage occurred and a good telephone number. You may provide pictures if you wish.
This is NOT a FEMA report but only a damage assessment for the State of Texas.

You may register damage with FEMA at 
Again, the FEMA website is NOT a county website and we have no control over how it handles the entries.
I will provide any FEMA information if and when I get any.


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