Our Mayor

I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me to run for the office of mayor of Nixon, Texas. Without you I would not be here today. For those of you who discouraged me to run, mostly family members, I hope you will support me as I try to make a difference. My reason for wanting to serve as mayor is to make our town a better place in which to live.

A few of my ideas for creating a better Nixon include 1) I hope to see the improvement of our streets and water system, 2) I want to help bring businesses into Nixon – a hotel, an automatic car wash, a 24-hour gym for those who want a place to exercise, another restaurant, a bakery.

I hope to help make our city cleaner by reviving the pride and encouraging each owner or renter to clean up their own property. This might include eliminating trash, planting colorful plants, and repairing homes and sidewalks, helping to make our hometown known for its cleanliness and beauty. I want to hear that people who used to live here are anxious to move back to raise their family or retire here among friends.

Many of you have expressed a concern about our city water. I have started checking into that and I want to assure you that the city leadership wants to have the very best water possible. They have it tested in Seguin every week and the results are posted on the bulletin board at city hall, in case you want to know more.

I have taken a tour of our sewer plant and was amazed to see the purification process. I look forward to working with all of the city council members and city employees on the infrastructure needs for Nixon.

Are you aware that the city mulches all of the collected tree limbs and that it is available to the citizens to put in their flower beds? Thank city administrator, Manuel Zepeda for that!

The city personnel is trying to replace our old clay (and lead?) water pipes with PVC pipe so that we won’t have to flush dirty water routinely. We want to complete our downtown pocket park and have it ready by Feather Fest on the Labor Day weekend.

There are other parks that the city will be developing and improving, too. One will be on Fourth Street next to the Richardson Christian Center building. The baseball park on Rancho Road behind Holmes Foods will be greatly improved in the near future.

The city is in the process of relocating Passion for Paws Memorial Animal Shelter to a new and better location for the sponsors and the dogs. They will have green grass, trees, and room to expand in the future. There will be no cost for the move because the city employees will do the work.

There are plans for extending sidewalks in the downtown area and they will be handicap accessible. I would like to see a nursing home or assisted living facility brought back to Nixon. Our town needs a place for the older generation.

Also, I am aware that the city needs housing for teachers, oil field workers, professionals, and families. Plans are being made for that, too. Don’t you want to be a part of this change to improve Nixon? Jump on the band wagon with us! Committees are being created to address all these issues and others – together we can do anything!

Looking forward to working with you,

Gladyne Finch, Mayor
City of Nixon, Texas